The GIF that keeps on giving...


Let's talk about GIFs baby

What is a GIF and why should I use them in my small business?

There are lots of reasons why a GIF could be a super useful tool for you if Instagram is a platform you utilise a lot. Here are some of the ways in which using GIFs can be a big benefit for your business or campaign.

1. It's fast and engaging.

When sharing anything on an IG story, your customers only have seconds to take in the information. A GIF is a clever way to convey your emotions quickly, in the same way it can showcase your logo or tagline in order to establish a recognisable brand or message. 

2. It's pretty bloody cool.

Having your customers or clients use your personalised GIFs on social media makes them feel part of your elite space. It's custom and specific and they'll really respond well to being able to share your brand in a fun and engaging way - plus, don't they say a picture paints a thousand words?

3. It's a cheaper alternative to animation.

Animation is a hugely effective marketing tool, particularly with the increase of purchasing made on social media platforms (Instagram Shopping which allows customers to buy direct from a post or a story). It captures attention quickly but animation can be expensive. A GIF is something that can be used time and time again to remind your followers who you are, what you do and best of all? It's super affordable.


I want a GIF! What do I do now?

Let's work some magic! Email me at, drop a message on my Contact page or check out my GIFs story highlight on Instagram and send me a DM.

Package prices (5 GIFS is the minimum):

5 x GIFs start from £120.00

10 x GIFS start from £200.00 

(prices depend on complexity of animation)




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